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lovelorn adj : unhappy in love; suffering from unrequited love [syn: bereft, unbeloved]

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love + lorn


  1. being lorn by love.
  2. unloved, bereft of love.
  3. Rent and reived of and/or by love.

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Lovelorn is the first full-length album of Norwegian/German symphonic metal band Leaves' Eyes. It was released in 2004. Almost all vocals are by Liv Kristine, but there are also some death growls by Alexander Krull.

Track listing

  1. Norwegian Lovesong – 3:43
  2. Tale of the Sea Maid – 3:48
  3. Ocean's Way – 3:32
  4. Lovelorn – 4:11
  5. The Dream – 4:59
  6. Secret – 4:31
  7. For Amelie – 3:38
  8. Temptation – 3:44
  9. Into Your Light – 5:33
  10. Return to Life – 4:07
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  • Liv Kristine Espenaes Krull-Female Vocals, Keyboards
  • Alexander Krull-Death Grunts, Programming, Keyboards, Producing, Mixing, Engineering, Recording, Mastering
  • Torsten Bauer-Guitars, Keyboards
  • Mathias Roderer-Guitars, Keyboards
  • Christopher Lukhaup-Bass, Keyboards
  • Moritz Neuner-Drums, Percussion, Keyboards

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